Wake Forest Survivors of Suicide

Support groups for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.


Our monthly meetings are attended by sometimes as few as 3 survivors and sometimes as many as 15. Each meeting is unique in the topics we share but we always leave relieved to have some of the heaviness lifted from our shoulders and feel we can go on for another month surviving the loss of our loved ones.



From Skip, attendee of Wake Forest SOS

The Shore Grief Center is an invaluable asset to our community.  The guidance and support I have personally received through the S.O.S. program (survivors of suicide) has helped me immeasurably.  I am forever grateful for Carolyn Sahnow and The Shore Grief Center for helping me when I needed it most.

In 1975 my mother took her own life, I had just turn eleven years old.  There were no programs of this kind in existence at that time.  My surviving family loved and supported each other the best we could. …  When I discovered the S.O.S. program in Wake Forest, it was 37 years after the passing of my mother.  I was very depressed and was simply “giving up” on myself, my relationships with others and life in general.  This program provided me with the guidance and support that helped me cope, and perhaps saved my life.  Through shared experience and open expression of our feelings, we learn to grieve and healing begins.   


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